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Novasano delivers results based on decades of experience in medicine, laboratory science and operations, public health and technology. Novasano strives to deliver optimally informed healthcare strategies, tactics and technology products and services through a multidisciplinary approach.
Public-Private Partnerships
Complex public health challenges often benefit from close collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Novasano team develops and operates PPPs that address healthcare challenges that have a focus on improving healthcare and business outcomes through innovation in information technology.
Laboratory Informatics
The laboratory has emerged as a cornerstone of national healthcare systems. The increasingly critical role of the laboratory in the protection and promotion of the public’s health is being driven by a combination of innovation in (1) diagnostics and (2) digital health.
Medical Device Informatics
Medical devices are critical components of our nation’s healthcare system. Over the past several years, medical devices have become increasingly network enabled. At this point, our nation’s healthcare system is dependent upon an organically grown biomedical device network – a network of networks – that is comprised of many independent enterprise networks that are linked through the Internet. Read more...
Strategic Informatics
Novasano works with companies to develop strategies to leverage data and information to improve healthcare business outcomes. Novasano’s multidisciplinary approach to healthcare system challenges helps Novasano develop a clear problem definition and then innovative approaches to solution development based on improved access to timely actionable data and information.