Medical Devices

Medical devices are critical components of our nation’s healthcare system. Over the past several years, medical devices have become increasingly network enabled. At this point, our nation’s healthcare system is dependent upon an organically grown biomedical device network – a network of networks – that is comprised of many independent enterprise networks that are linked through the Internet.

As a cofounder of the Medical Device Innovation, Safety, and Security Consortium, Novasano is actively engaged in the critical issues that are arising from the integration of medical devices in the healthcare enterprise information technology backbone.

Novasano is contributing to this critical public health challenge as it provides leadership services to MDISS. These services bring to bear the Novasano expertise in technology, healthcare systems, public health and policy, and public private partnership development. Novasano is helping to develop and execute strategic, operational, educational, and research activities to help build a safer medical device industry.

The CDC estimates that are nearly 1 billion patient encounters in this country each year including inpatient and outpatient visits. This represents a significant exposure of patients to networked medical devices. The medical device industry is bringing to bear important innovations that are contributing to the nation’s healthcare system capacity and capability. At the same time, it’s critical that we build a robust collaboration across all stakeholders to better understand how to optimize and secure our nation’s rapidly growing biomedical device network. Improved interoperability and data sharing among devices in the healthcare enterprise holds significant promise for improvements in health and cost outcomes. However, it’s critical we also effectively secure our healthcare networks to ensure that we achieve safety and privacy performance requirements.