Mission Driven Information, Communication, and Technology Products and Services Accelerating Business Development and Improving Health Outcomes

The terms HIT and ICT, for most people, represent the same domain of work. HIT is more often used in the USA. ICT if often used in the international health community including the World Health Organization (WHO). We use these terms interchangeably through out this website.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Development

Complex public health challenges often benefit from close collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Novasano team develops and operates PPPs that address healthcare challenges that have a focus on improving healthcare and business outcomes through innovation in information technology. PPPs are also often an effective forum to to address policy challenges.

Novasano is a cofounder of the Medical Device Innovation, Safety, and Security Consortium (MDISS) and is providing leadership services for MDISS. MDISS is convening medical device stakeholders to collaborate on activities to better understand the risks associated with medical device security vulnerabilities and to develop capabilities to mitigate these risks throughout the entire lifecycle of medical devices. (www.mdiss.org)

Novasano also cofounded a multiphase initiative to progress laboratory informatics for drug resistant tuberculosis. The current phase of this initiative is TBResist. Novasano is working with leading technology companies, public health agencies, genome sequencing centers, research institutes, and clinical centers to collect strains of drug resistant tuberculosis and/or genomic data in conjunction with critical clinical data. This global public-private partnership is helping to advance critical collaboration in order to develop data resources that will help drive new predictive analytics, diagnostic, and therapeutics for treatment of drug resistant tuberculosis.

Optimizing Healthcare Information Infrastructure and Operations
In addition, Novasano can help:

Establish effective training programs for ICT and fill gaps in the ICT workforce

Accelerate technology adoption by creating policy and activities to support change in healthcare working culture

Establish standards to support data architectures, data exchange, and to ensure data security and privacy

Establish a national e-health/ICT architecture with associated standards