Strategic Technology Services
Application Development and System Solutions Domains
Novasano delivers application development services to the healthcare sector. Particular areas of expertise include

  • Laboratory
  • Public health surveillance
  • Population-based clinical outcome analysis
  • Security in support of privacy and safety
  • Digitally enabled and networked medical device interoperability and security

Novasano works with companies to develop strategies to leverage data and information to improve healthcare business outcomes. Novasano’s multidisciplinary approach to healthcare system challenges helps Novasano develop a clear problem definition and then innovative approaches to solution development based on improved access to timely actionable data and information.

Approach: Strategic Technology Services

Once the strategy is developed, Novasano delivers application development services that are based on best technology practices, e.g. ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems. Novasano has operations in the European Union that can be deployed to decrease the cost of the development and improve the return on investment.

Novasano technology services are most commonly delivered in conjunction with strategic and tactical business services to ensure that the technology investment ROI is optimized.